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ALM integration options from least to most effective

In ConnectALL, Tech Talk by Johnathan McGowan

The use of multiple application lifecycle management (ALM) systems can lower user productivity and create errors. There are several ways to connect and integrate multiple ALM systems. Here’s a list of integration options for unifying multiple ALM systems, in the fashion of a military ranking scale. The list begins with the do-nothing, integration-less approach and culminates with the most optimal approach to ALM integration: the enterprise service bus. Rank: Civilian (do nothing) There’s no rule stating that you have to connect and integrate multiple ALM systems! Doing nothing is a no-cost, but no-benefit, approach that leads to ALM islands that do not have the ability …

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To ESB or not to ESB: A consulting partner’s perspective

In ConnectALL, Tech Talk by ConnectALL Marketing

In 2009, MuleSoft founder Ross Mason shocked his IT audience with a blog post entitled “To ESB or not to ESB.” The premise: not everyone should deploy an enterprise service bus (ESB). In particular, he offered that applications with minimal protocol and transportation requirements might be better off by skipping the use of an ESB. When developing the integration platform for its’ ConnectALL ALM Router, Go2Group embraced the market-leading Mule ESB, even with Go2Group’s minimal protocol and transportation requirements. In fact, Go2Group felt MuleSoft’s ESB was the only way to go for ConnectALL. Doug Bass, Go2Group’s chief architect, explained why in a speech at the recent MuleSoft CONNECT 2015 event. …