Rapid, Self-service Integration Approach for Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

A go-to guide to reshaping your integration strategy

As an IT leader, you probably want an integration strategy as part of your digital transformation journey. Implementing an approach that supports self-service delivery of integration capabilities while maintaining a centralized governance and control is a key success factor.

ConnectALL is a self-service application integration solution that connects multiple tools and applications, enabling an organization’s development and management teams to collaborate efficiently and flawlessly across multiple development platforms.

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What’s inside?

  • Dimensions of a self-service integration approach
  • ConnectALL, as a self-service solution based on a hybrid integration framework
  • Four critical dimensions of a hybrid integration platform
  • HIP’s role in your digital transformation process
  • Takeaways on how to plan an integration strategy based on business priorities, available skills, and budgets

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