Beyond Simple Automation — The Impact Testing has on DevOps


A guide to understand the dynamics between Testing and DevOps in a digital world

Most IT organizations are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for increased testing for fast-paced and complex development initiatives. DevOps avoids the problems created by having a ‘big-bang’ testing right from the start to the end of the cycle, such as release delays and quality issues.

Download this free white paper and learn more about test management and integration solutions like synapseRT and ConnectALL that can help you ship software faster without compromising quality, and successfully enabling the DevOps element of continuous delivery. 

What’s inside?

  • How test management tools are imperative to the success of an IT organization’s software testing for high-quality software, faster pace of delivery, and improved efficiency
  • How to meet the specialized needs of test management inside the developer’s tool (like Atlassian Jira)
  • How to integrate other software management tools while meeting enterprise-level governance needs

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