You've Heard What Value Stream Management Isn't. Now Hear the Truth About What It Is

At ConnectALL, we have discussed ad nauseum what value stream management isn't. We've told you that it is NOT a tool, NOT a feature, and NOT a map. It isn't a person, it isn't a platform, and it isn't a set of metrics. Agile? DevOps? Also not value stream management. But what is less clear in our industry is a concrete definition of what value stream management actually is. It's time to draw our line in the sand.

We are going to push aside the squishiness that often accompanies this topic and plant our flag on what we believe is THE definitive answer to the question: What is value stream management?

Join David Rubinstein from SD Times on August 23rd as he leads this pivotal conversation with ConnectALL executives Lance Knight and Andrew Fuqua. Learn from these industry experts the critical components of value stream management, and what you need to know about VSM in order to cut through all the noise.

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