WORKSHOP: Accelerate Software Delivery With Value Stream Mapping

Have you ever played pin the tail on the donkey?

The premise of this children's game seems simple enough: Use a thumbtack to attach a paper tail to a picture of a donkey. So what makes this game challenging? The blindfold. It becomes nearly impossible to pinpoint the right place for the tail when the participant can no longer see.

Your software delivery process works (or doesn't) in a similar way. Unlike on a factory floor where you can physically see the machinery at work, the process to build software is often invisible. Because of this, businesses are not able to identify waste in their processes nor can they distinguish between value-added and non-value-added activities. IT organizations that want to improve something - speed, quality, cost - are trying to do so practically blindfolded.

You can remove the blindfold by mapping your software delivery value stream; allowing you to see - and take action on - areas of opportunity to improve.

During this 90-minute workshop, you will:

  • Gain practical knowledge on value stream mapping
  • Train to use the Value Stream Designer, a free mapping tool
  • Participate in a guided assessment to create your first value stream map
  • Learn how you can use your map, along with other Lean principles, to reduce waste
  • By attending this workshop, you'll gain the tools you need to manage your value stream, improve the speed and quality of software development and reduce cost by eliminating waste in your processes.

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