Why Integrate ServiceNow and Jira


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Why Integrate ServiceNow and Jira

Stop wasting time copying and pasting tickets. Say no to manual efforts, collaborate better, and solve customer issues faster using the ConnectALL Integration Platform.

How can enterprises make sure that their customer service and development teams get complete visibility into customer issues and resolve them faster? When you integrate Jira and ServiceNow using ConnectALL, all tickets from ServiceNow automatically synchronize to Jira and all the entities and details associated with the tickets synchronize back to Jira.

In this video, you will learn how integrating Jira and ServiceNow will:

  • Help users collaborate better and get complete visibility into customer requirements, enabling faster business decisions
  • Give real-time access to customer issues and priorities, and updates on resolutions
  • Enable traceability of requirements across the ALM tool chain
  • Eliminate manual efforts

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