Why do I Need VSM if I’m Already Implementing Agile?

Join ConnectALL's Lance Knight, Andrew Fuqua, Norm Miglietta, and SD Time's Dave Rubinstein as they discuss the question: " Why do I Need VSM if I’m Already Implementing Agile?"

Organizations not closely familiar with value stream management often may ask: “How does it fit with these other agile approaches we’ve been adopting?” “Why do I need VSM if I’m already implementing Agile?”

The answer: VSM, agile, or for that matter DevOps are not mutually exclusive. Principles of agile are baked into VSM, and VSM in many ways represents an extension of the short cycle/fast feedback approach championed in DevOps. Many organizations struggle to apply agile across silos, and others may struggle to determine ways to align agile workflows towards outcome-focused company goals. VSM does both ⁠— It enables agile at scale and at speed while focusing on the priorities that matter most. So, by adopting VSM, you are continuing along your agile digital transformation but with a broader look at all existing activities organization-wide, not just those directly involved with digital product creation/curation.

In this month’s microwebinar, we are joining you exclusively from the venue of Agile 2022 in Nashville, TN! David Rubinstein, SD Times editor-in-chief, Lance Knight, ConnectALL’s President & COO, and Andrew Fuqua, SVP of Product and Norm Miglietta, SVP of Marketing will discuss some of the key highlights they’ve seen from the conference and how those Agile concepts relate back to value stream management. Their insight will address how VSM supercharges agile and channels your software delivery towards a greater purpose.

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