Bust This Myth: Software Quality is not Everyone’s Problem Six Ways Tool Integration Dramatically Improves Test Management Processes and QA

In our world of software delivery, machine breakdowns include tools and systems not integrating and interoperating, people not communicating, and the resultant defects that occur in the application under test. And the reality is that we do face communication breakdowns that impact the productivity and quality of everything we create. We assume that only C-level executives worry about software quality or feel the pressure of time-to-market and time-to-value. And that’s not true!

Testing or quality assurance in software delivery is not easy for any enterprise. These teams need traceability and visibility into requirements as they are being created. The automated real-time flow of information across the software delivery value stream enables cross-functional understanding between teams that plan, build, and run the software.

Improving QA functionality by optimizing the flow in value streams will ensure that communication never stops flowing. Embracing tool integration will lead to dramatic improvements in an organization’s quality assurance and test management function. Integrating your best-of-breed test management tools with other tools will provide the QA team visibility into requirements, which results in higher quality test coverage.

In this webinar, we will look at six ways tool integration improves test management processes and QA. Find out what they are!

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