Managing Flow by Using Value Stream Management and Observability

With DevOps pipelines having myriad of tools and DevOps teams not having an integrated tool architecture, the need for observability and lean practices like value stream management is imperative. DevOps leaders need to map out the data from their pipelines for metrics in analytics that drives critical business decisions.

Observability in DevOps is the software tools and methodologies that help Dev and Ops teams to log, collect, correlate, and analyze massive amounts of performance data from a distributed application and glean real-time insights. And value stream management provides the ammunition to boost the impact of observability.

In this short webinar, we will look at how value stream management uses observability to optimize and manage flow by creating access to insights for continuous improvement. Using observability throughout the value stream, so in pre-production and across the DevOps toolchain, means less defects and more predictability in production Making the value stream visible and making value measurable Shortening MTTR means more time for innovation and more time to spend on adapting ways of working to optimize flow and more value outcomes delivered to customers.

Join Dave Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief of SD Times, Sharath Bhaskara, VP of Technical Services of ConnectALL, Lance Knight, President & COO of ConnectALL for this discussion.

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