Make Atlassian Jira the Center of Your Software Delivery Universe with
Third-party Integration

Delivering software requires careful orchestration between people with different roles using different tools across the organization and you need the value stream of information passing across people, processes, and tools seamlessly, bi-directionally, with end-to-end traceability and visibility. This is where you need to integrate all the tools in your value stream and make Jira the center of your software delivery universe.

In this webinar, you will learn how you can orchestrate workflows, capture data for metrics, and enforce governance and security with value stream integration:

  • Remove waste between steps and overheads by automating the flow of critical product information across the value stream
  • Automate feedback loops through Jira to trigger builds, updates on change approvals, releases, and automated tests
  • Track issues and bugs that are related to your software to plan, track, and deliver quality code
  • Easily understand where there are bottlenecks, defects or gaps, why they happened, where they are coming from, and the risks associated so you can act on them early
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your software delivery process early on to decrease security risks and anything that could affect quality and reliability

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