Insights into Customer Experience with OKRs: The Next Big Thing in Value Stream Management

Due to the increasing pace of change, many companies are in the process of some type of digital transformation effort that will enable their organizations to work in a more agile way. However, many companies are falling into the same entrapment when trying to achieve enterprise agility at scale; by creating isolated operational agile delivery teams unsupported by a wider operational organizational engagement. As a response, we are seeing enterprises with traditional value chain support functions like HR, sales, legal, etc., now leveraging and incorporating agile delivery operational best practices that incorporate measurable customer/stakeholder outcomes. With the purpose to transform these traditional functions into an integrated value delivery chain with operational teams that can scale and support wider organizational engagement and outcomes. In this session, we will review a case study of a company and their journey towards achieving true technical and business agility at scale by: Developing a value-centric and integrated Digital and IT Operating Model Connecting value chain and business functions with agile delivery processes Connecting Strategy to Objectives and Key Results with measurable outcomes