How Tool Integration and Automation Helps Ensure Compliance in Regulated Environments

ConnectALL’s Lance Knight, COO & President; Norman Miglietta, SVP Marketing; & Dave Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief of SD Times discuss how tool integration and automation helps ensure compliance in regulated environments.

In the last one decade, there has been a 10-20% increase in the number of regulations in the U.S. alone across a range of industries. Organizations in industries such as medical/health, pharmaceutical, security, finance, automotive, aerospace, and defense are facing unique challenges pertaining to compliance and risk management, high volumes of data, and navigation of rapidly shifting requirements.

To tackle these, they have to maintain strict control over the development process, from testing to maintenance and release. Test management becomes an important function and the teams need visibility to make sure compliance requirements are met.

And this is where the value stream automation product of a value stream management platform comes into play. It enables software test management and QA teams to connect all the tools in the software development and delivery pipelines. It enables:

  • Synchronization for the removal of waste and improved collaboration
  • Triggering for interoperability for increased productivity, cost reduction, and controlled flow of information
  • Monitoring for amplification of feedback loops, implementation of governance, and capturing of data for key results
  • Data collection for data-driven decisions, and regulation and compliance

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