How to Use Value Stream Management to Identify and Eliminate Non-value-added Activities and Control Costs

Irrespective of your company’s current financial position and performance, they need to sharpen their competitive edge by applying lean principles like value stream management to cost reduction — that is, the elimination of non-value-added activities or waste in the value stream processes.

By tackling wastes from an end-to-end business process, your company can improve the value of their products and services. They can:

  • Achieve significant cost reduction
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Emerge stronger with a more competitive profile

Join Lance Knight, president and COO, ConnectALL and David Rubenstein, editor-in-chief, SD Times, in a 10-minute discussion, as they throw light on how VSM can be used for cost savings, higher efficiency, and avoid treating waste elimination as another one-off “tool” or quick fix.

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