DevOps Experience 2022 | DevOps Cartography: Why Value Stream Mapping is Key for Agile Software Delivery

DevOps Cartography: Why Value Stream Mapping is Key for Agile Software Delivery

Join Tim Stiling and Soumya Menon from ConnectALL as they discuss the critical role that visualizing your software delivery value stream plays in the evolution of DevOps.

They will discuss what value stream mapping is, why it is important for DevOps teams, and how you can get started. By creating a value stream map, you'll have the visual framework you need to finally see:

  • Potential silos existing between teams
  • Areas of waste that can possibly be eliminated
  • Extra time spent on & between individual steps

They will also discuss how to use the free value stream designer tool:

Can you remember the days before we had GPS capabilities on our smartphones? To figure out how to get from point A to point B, we had to unfurl large street maps to determine the fastest route from where we were to where we wanted to go. And the farther the trip (or the more unfamiliar the terrain), the more we needed a map to get there efficiently and without getting lost.

As DevOps continues to evolve, we've seen the methodology expand throughout the software delivery process and beyond. We are seeing it push further and further to the edge of our businesses, until soon we will find ourselves enabled to deploy "DevOps everywhere."

This leaves us open to a major risk: the further our DevOps processes expand, the less visibility we have. To enjoy the benefits of "DevOps everywhere" while maintaining visibility, we need a map. We need a value stream map.

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