A Christmas Miracle with Value Stream Management: How Four Elves Helped a Shoemaker Deliver High-Quality Shoes

“We have just one piece of cloth left. How do I make any shoes to sell?”

This is the story of a shoemaker who ran out of business and became bankrupt. He did not know how to survive without making shoes.

-He had no idea what his shoemaking value stream looked like
-He did not know how to use the little he had to maximize productivity and quality
-He was unaware of all the things that were affecting his shoe making business

And one night changed his life when four elves used that piece of cloth, left on the kitchen table, to make the most beautiful shoes in the world. “These shoes are a masterpiece. Not one bad stitch. How do I make shoes like these?” And every night after that, the shoemaker and his wife left a piece of cloth to get beautiful shoes delivered to them the next morning.

On the day of Christmas, the shoemaker’s business transformed — with more customers, less costs, faster delivery of high-quality shoes that kept his customers happy and wanting more.

How did the four elves do this? In this webinar of Christmas cheer, we will talk about the Christmas miracle of value stream management and how the four elves used three codes to help the shoemaker.

-Spread Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear: Helping the shoemaker get visibility into everything he was putting into his shoemaking value stream and eliminate some of the unwanted steps
-Every day is Christmas: Making the best use of resources that were available at his disposal by automating some of the steps and creating a feedback loop to improve production quality
-Everyone can be on the nice list: Looking at some key metrics that would enable the shoemaker to make better decisions and deliver better shoes to everyone

Want to know how all this happens? Join us and find out!

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