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ConnectALL enables organizations to see, measure, and automate their end-to-end software delivery value stream.  ConnectALL has been recognized as a leading Value Stream Management Platform by independent research firms. Request a demo today and discover how you can:

  • Achieve higher levels of agility, traceability, predictability and velocity
  • Optimize business value streams
  • Improve product quality
  • Accelerate delivery
  • Make quicker and more effective business decisions
  • Scale up an integration strategy and help teams become self-sufficient
  • Achieve multiple server support in the cloud and on-premise

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Using the Value Stream Designer, visualize your entire end-to-end value stream. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, custom icon images, and the ability to create tool connections, you can easily outline the complete value stream.


Using the Insights Adapter, data is captured in real time from the tools within your software delivery value stream. That data is structured within our common data model, and then utilized to populate business-critical metrics within our customizable Insights Analytics dashboard.


Using our various Adapters, seamlessly connect any of the tools within your value stream. This connection allows you to integrate your applications bi-directionally or uni-directionally, enabling record synchronization, inter-team collaboration, governance, and orchestration.

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