Manage Your Entire Test Management Process with Tricentis Tosca and Micro Focus ALM Integration

Many companies on their digital transformation journey use legacy test tools even now while introducing brand new tool sets that are in line with the development and delivery goals. In such a scenario, a lot of data may get lost or stuck in the legacy tools affecting productivity and time to market.

How do you make sure that your entire test lifecycle is managed seamlessly even with a combination of legacy and modern tools? Introducing Tricentis Tosca into your tooling ecosystem and integrating it with other tools will give testers complete visibility and traceability into activities across multiple teams and vice versa.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate an integration between ALM and Tosca using ConnectALL synchronizing the information between the two tools. ConnectALL has deep integration for Tosca and can synchronize all the artifacts. We will show you how data from ALM can be pushed into Tosca and after tests are run in Tosca, the results will be updated on ALM. This leads to better collaboration even while your teams are working with an old toolset.

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