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Learn how ConnectALL Insights transforms decision making

ConnectALL Insights is a data engineering tool that collects data from a wide range of development, management, and other tools, enabling contextual and informed decision making.

Over the past few years, it has become clear to many organizations that effective use of analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) have provided many benefits. These benefits include:

  • Improved decision accuracy
  • Better decision making
  • More accurate predictions of future needs
  • More accurate resource management – in an industrial or manufacturing environment, for example, being able to analyze data from multiple sources can reduce the amount of extra materials not yet needed, enable just-in-time supplies, and minimize employee (and robotic) time wasted

Different teams use different systems that are best suited to each team’s tasks. Although these tools work well for each team, the ability to apply intelligence based on data produced by the teams has provided significant challenges in these forms:

  • The data produced by any given tool may be different from the data produced by other tools
  • The field lengths and field types may not be consistent with the data from other tools
  • It may be difficult to interface with the various tools in use

The ability to get data across to the tools your organization uses – and to use it in your BI or analytic tools – makes it possible to identify patterns, resolve issues, and make accurate forecasts and predictions. More information about specific areas where collected data is used can be found in our webpages on ConnectALL for DevOps, ConnectALL for Business Applications, and ConnectALL for Analytics .

The overall solution that enables access to – and use of – the collected data consists of two parts:

  • ConnectALL Insights: the data collection engine with a graphical user interface
  • A Business Information (BI) tool used to report and visualize the collected and transformed data

How ConnectALL Insights Works

From within the ConnectALL Insights application, the user selects the tools from which the data will be accessed. When the tools have been selected, data fields can be selected from each tool.


ConnectALL insights retrieves the data from each tool


The data becomes available for analysis using a BI tool built into ConnectALL Insights, or a tool that your organization uses


Data is made available in near real-time
ConnectALL Insights can be configured to synchronize data at set intervals, or to automatically synchronize data. ConnectALL Insights is BI-tool agnostic. The data can be used by any BI or reporting tool. There is also a basic BI application that is built into ConnectALL Insights.

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