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Technology and Innovation Global

Technology and Innovation Global

ConnectALL is excited to be a sponsor for the 2020 Forrester Virtual Technology & Innovation Global event! Stop by our booth to check out all we have to offer, or simply to chat. And don’t miss Lance Knight’s presentation on Nov 6 at 12:20 PM EST.

Lance Knight
Lance Knight,
COO – ConnectALL

Airlines Fly High with VSM to Align Business Outcomes to Software Delivery Value streams exist whether you are aware of them or not! Managing value streams is difficult if you can’t see them, can’t comprehend them, or aren’t aware of them. And the fact is, you can’t measure a turbulent flow in a value stream. In this talk, Lance Knight will focus on how ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Solution helped three major airlines see, measure, and automate the flow of work in their software delivery value streams. What helped? Value stream mapping, making work visible, integration of tools, workflow orchestration, enforcing governance, and a value stream manager who understands value streams, thinks about it, and reasons about improvements and the future state — all to help achieve business outcomes!