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Accelerate Delivery by Understanding DevOps Feedback Loops and Value Stream Management

August 19, 2020 @ 13:00:00 13:30:00 EDT

Accelerate Delivery by Understanding DevOps Feedback Loops and Value Stream Management

Understanding feedback loops is an essential part of value stream management to achieve the goal of delivering value to your customers faster. The presence of feedback loops exists throughout software development and delivery value streams. Understanding and acting on effective feedback and the impact of the action on all parts of the system forms feedback loops.

In order to amplify feedback loops, you must first Identify them In your value stream and understand the causality of that loop. As you identify feedback loops, patterns start to develop. These patterns can be direct or indirect patterns and may be removed, automated, or amplified based on the causality of the loop.

In this webinar, we will learn:

  • What feedback loops mean to DevOps and Value Stream Management.
  • A high-level understanding of systems thinking and feedback loops.
  • What comprises feedback and the types of relevant feedback (direct and indirect) that help you create loops.
  • How feedback loops typically work, including the two types of feedback loops — balancing and reinforcing.
  • Feedback loop causality: why you have that feedback loop.
  • Identifying feedback loop patterns.

The effect of feedback amplification is that it helps organizations maintain speed in their delivery process, as well as reducing or eliminating wait times and gaining efficiency. When you amplify feedback, you are making it visible.

COO – ConnectALL
Lance Knight is Chief Operating Officer of ConnectALL. His responsibilities include sales, sales operations, marketing, customer success, and technical support. Previously, he held SVP/VP roles at LeadingAgile, Tasktop Technologies, and Accept Software, specializing in field operations, sales development, and customer success. Lance started his IT career with a large aerospace manufacturer where he learned about lean manufacturing and systems thinking. He’s a published author of books and white papers on leadership, software development, and software sales.