ConnectALL’s Software Experts to Host January 23 Webinar Exploring the Problems Resolved by Value Stream Management

The event will delve into value stream management and how it can provide superior insight for software teams.

The event, which will also explore the future of VSM as a companion to DevOps initiatives, will feature two of ConnectALL’s colleagues, CollabNet VersionOne and HCL Technologies, and will be facilitated by SD Times.

The three noted VSM experts on the panel will be: Lance Knight, COO, ConnectALL; Chris Nowak, Director, DevOps Advisory & Adoption HCL Urban Code; and Eric Robertson, VP Product Marketing & Management, CollabNet VersionOne. SD Times’ David Rubinstein will moderate the event.

“With DevOps becoming synonymous with more efficient, higher-value software in every industry, organizations of all sizes, and in every sector, need a way to glean more value from their software data,” said Knight. “Value Stream Management provides a framework by which they can identify the metrics that provide real value and then use them to provide context and act upon it.”

The webinar is designed to appeal to software developers, testers, system architects, project managers, and all others engaged in software delivery. It is open to the general public, as well. To register for the event, visit and click Sign Up for the Live Webinar.

About ConnectALL
ConnectALL is dedicated to helping companies achieve higher levels of agility and velocity. Teams from software development and delivery to IT and business units across large and small enterprises worldwide use the ConnectALL Integration Platform to unify people, processes, tools and applications such as Atlassian, Micro Focus, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, BMC, ServiceNow, and more. ConnectALL helps companies achieve effective Value Stream Management while rapidly creating business value, bring software innovation to market faster and increase productivity through cross-team collaboration. For more information, visit