ConnectALL Welcomes IT Industry Professional Chris White
as Its New Director of Demand Generation

In addition to developing customer-centric, benefits-focused marketing materials,
White will manage ConnectALL’s integrated marketing communications program.

In her position, White will be charged with overseeing and further developing ConnectALL’s integrated marketing communications program for both its flagship ConnectALL “tools, people and processes” connectivity tool but also its recently debuted Universal Adapter.

“Chris is a consummate IT industry pro who has significant experience in the software development world, so she is a perfect fit for this position,” said ConnectALL COO Lance Knight. “We look forward to leveraging her expertise for a wide array of initiatives and communication channels, from brand and corporate messaging to social media, web marketing programs, and much more.”

ConnectALL has been riding a wave of exciting developments recently, having been named to the 2019 SD Times 100 and ranked a “High Performer” in the G2 Spring Report 2020. ConnectALL experts have been invited to speak at seminars and other professional gatherings, and Knight is a frequently published expert contributor in Tech Beacon, SD Times, and other respected industry publications.

“ConnectALL is a growing company that has nurtured its business model with focus and integrity, taking its flagship tool, ConnectALL, from point-to-point integration to an enterprise solution,” said White. “Even with that evolution, it retains the agility and passion of a start-up, making this a really exciting opportunity.”

“ConnectALL leadership wants to propel the conversation for their product’s significance across the whole business value stream and not just its usefulness to IT departments,” White continued. “It is my job to help them achieve that goal.”

About ConnectALL
ConnectALL helps companies achieve value stream management and create business value by bringing software innovation to market faster. The company’s integration platform, which was recognized as Best in Show in the Value Stream Management category of the 2019 SD Times 100 and ranked a “High Performer” in the G2 Spring Report 2020, unifies applications, tools, people and processes, connecting dozens of software delivery tools and facilitating powerful cross-team collaboration. In short, it empowers the true value drivers of software development — humans — to achieve project goals. Paired with its Universal Adapter, ConnectALL can unite an unlimited number of tools for seamless collaboration, bi-directional information capture and exchange, automated event triggering, and much more. For more information, visit