ConnectALL Universal Adapter Reaches Patent Pending Status; Is Assigned Patent Number 16,602,703

Unique in the software delivery marketplace, the innovation enables bi-directional synchronization of information, automation of release-cycle triggers and comprehensive data capture and reporting between an infinite number of software tools

  • Bi-directional synchronization of project-related data between an unlimited number of software applications and tools. These include not only commonly used software delivery tools but also PM products like Trello and Asana, CRM platforms such as Salesforce, and even legacy and custom-developed in-house applications.
  • Capture project data from any source, from project planning to code, build, test, and even post-release monitoring, making it available to both users and their tools.
  • Trigger an action in any application or tool, including definitive functions such as code build, with full reporting on every action.

“As Forrester noted in its January 2020 report, ‘Holistic Solutions Drive the Value in Value Stream,’ software delivery must be fast, collaborative, and strategic, yet it is currently elusive for most organizations,” said ConnectALL COO Lance Knight. “Key challenges cited by Forrester in the report are poorly integrated toolchains, organizational and metric misalignment, and difficulty wrangling multiple parallel workstreams. ConnectALL’s Universal adapter equips software teams to overcome all three of these challenges with minimal configuration.”

With the integrations achieved through the Universal Adapter, teams can quickly add new tools to their toolchain, with any activities that take place in one tool’s status interface automatically being reflected in the other. All resulting data can easily be extracted for reporting or visualization by teams, management and other stakeholders, who can also receive automated notifications when project statuses change.

“An explosion in the software tooling market is giving teams far more flexibility in tool selection, but it’s also increasing the challenge of seamless collaboration. ConnectALL’s Universal Adapter eliminates this impediment,” noted Knight. “Once the Universal Adapter establishes a connection between two software tools, teams can reuse the integration at will and share or exchange their integrations with others, either inside or outside of the organization. Such limitless connectivity propels value stream management at a level unprecedented in the history of software.”

About ConnectALL
ConnectALL helps companies realize value stream integration and create business value by bringing software innovation to market faster. The company’s integration platform, which was recognized as Best in Show in the Value Stream Management category of the 2019 SD Times 100 and ranked a “High Performer” in Gartner’s G2 Winter Report 2020, unifies applications, tools, people and processes, connecting dozens of software delivery tools and facilitating powerful cross-team collaboration. In short, it empowers the true value drivers of software development — humans — to achieve project goals. Paired with its Universal Adapter, ConnectALL can unite an unlimited number of tools for seamless collaboration, bi-directional information capture and exchange, automated event triggering, and much more. For more information, visit