ConnectALL Announces Support for Flow Metrics and More with Value Stream Insights and Analytics

Comprising lean, predictability, flow, DORA, TTM, quality, cost and other metrics, the offering provides deep visibility into value streams so teams can gain the awareness that drives improvement.

ATLANTA , Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectALL, a leading provider of value stream management solutions, today announced the general availability of ConnectALL Value Stream Insights. Part of ConnectALL’s comprehensive value stream offering, ConnectALL Value Stream Insights is a customizable, packaged framework of metrics, analytics, and visualizations designed to help you accelerate the flow of business value throughout the software value stream.

“Enterprise leaders and their teams require rapid access to data and information across the organization to manage business outcomes effectively, and our value stream offering gives them that access," said ConnectALL COO Lance Knight. “ConnectALL Value Stream Insights aggregates all their value stream metrics, both historical and real-time, and converts them to actionable information.”

ConnectALL Value Stream Insights encompasses data collection, storage, visualization and services:

Insights Adapter and Insights Data Model

The Insights Adapter is a powerful tool for visualizing organizations’ value stream. It informs decision making by collecting data from any source and consolidating it into a common data model to feed Insights Analytics.

Insights Analytics

Insights Analytics is a vast collection of metrics visualizations that completely map the complex feedback loops generated by value stream activities. From initiatives to epics to stories; from development to testing to deployment; every significant metric is included. Furthermore, ConnectALL teams can work with organizational stakeholders to define custom metrics that allow analysis and insight for very specific activities and scenarios.

Using the built-in business intelligence (BI) application, business users and other software professionals can quickly generate a vast array of reporting visualizations and dashboards for trends analyses, projections, forecasting, predictions and more.

ConnectALL Insights Services

Upon request, ConnectALL’s value stream experts and data specialists can work directly with users to install, configure, customize and support ConnectALL Value Stream Insights. With Insights Services, business leaders and their teams can begin gaining comprehensive insights into their value streams with little to no effort required.

“With ConnectALL Value Stream Insights, the entire spectrum of value stream tools, and the data they generate, moves from availability to observability — and from there to serviceability,” added Knight. “Ongoing ingestion and visualization of data ensures business leaders are always apprised of the possible need for corrections, enabling them to make changes and evaluate how those changes will impact outcomes.”

About ConnectALL

ConnectALL is a value stream management company dedicated to helping customers achieve higher levels of agility, traceability, predictability and velocity. ConnectALL’s services and solutions help organizations to connect people, processes and technology across the software development and delivery value stream, enabling companies to align digital initiatives to business outcomes and improve the speed at which they deliver software. ConnectALL’s value stream management solutions and services allow companies to see, measure and automate their software delivery value streams. ConnectALL has been recognized as Best in Show in the Value Stream Management category of the 2020 SD Times 100 and recognized by numerous third-party analyst firms as a leader in value stream management. Visit us at

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