ConnectALL Value Stream Management v2.10

Integrate your tools, visualize the value stream, and gather metrics that matter for accelerated software delivery

ConnectALL takes a quantum leap forward with version 2.10 of our Value Stream Management solution. With an interactive Value Stream Visualizer, enhanced lean metrics to provide actionable data for better decision-making, and a brand-new UI to augment user experience, ConnectALL 2.10 will accelerate your software development and delivery. The result? Improved quality and faster time to revenue.
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Interactive Value Stream Visualizer

Track end-to-end activities

The Value Stream Visualizer Is an interactive diagram that traces the path of each integration mapped within ConnectALL. The Visualizer:

  • Displays entities mapped within each integration -- such as requests-to-tickets or defects-to-stories
  • Can include additional elements and connections -- such as manual steps, paper/physical artifacts, customers and suppliers
  • Can be customized by user, team or project
  • Auto-populates the map when integrations are added
  • Offers drag-and-drop functionality to arrange the map your way
  • Enables users to download a snapshot of the map to share outside the system, enabling cross-functional accessibility
  • Allows businesses to see the flow of value across their integrated toolchain
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ConnectALL Value Stream Insights

Make better decisions with actionable and relevant lean metrics

ConnectALL Value Stream Insights is a customizable, real-time data analytics solution. Along with the Database Adapter, Insights:

  • Allows users to connect to any BI tool of choice
  • Captures data over time from any system
  • Helps achieve end-to-end metrics visibility for the entire pipeline
  • Enables teams to reduce waste between processes
  • Offers a broader view of bottlenecks and vulnerabilities
  • Provides visibility to amplify feedback loops, identify missed releases and spot roadblocks
  • Allows business leaders and project heads to make informed decisions based on actionable, relevant data
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Enhanced User Interface

Easily connect tools to sync artifacts automatically
ConnectALL version 2.10 comes with a brand-new user interface that makes it easier to navigate the platform, including a new search functionality within the field mapping feature. In addition, the new Dashboard offers an immediate view of the value stream and live updates of artifacts syncing between systems.

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