ConnectALL featured in SD Times Buyer’s Guide 2020 Edition on Value Stream Management

ConnectALL’s value stream integration solution helps enterprises of all sizes to connect, visualize, and measure end-to-end software delivery value streams

ConnectALL is proud to have been featured in the Jan 2020 edition of SD Times Buyer’s Guide on Value Stream Management. The issue focuses and features insights on why value stream management is important in a software delivery lifecycle.

Page 3-7: Buyer’s Guide that focuses on the value that software companies can get from their value streams, the dos and don’ts and what can be expected in 2020.

Page 9: How solutions like ConnectALL can help organizations successfully navigate the value stream. “We help enterprises of all sizes connect, visualize, and measure software delivery value streams. We connect, integrate, and cap- ture data from all the tools in your soft- ware delivery value stream.” — Lance Knight, COO, ConnectALL

Page 10: A Guide to Value Stream Management Tools for you get the most value out of value stream management

Page 16-17: A recap of 2019 - how the year of value stream held up and how companies found value