Value Stream Management Leader ConnectALL Releases V2.11 Including Logic Flow Adapters and Other Advanced Capabilities

Users can now control the flow of information in their software development and delivery value streams using ConnectALL 2.11’s enhanced capabilities.

ConnectALL LLC, a value stream management company, today announced the latest release of their value stream management (VSM) platform, ConnectALL 2.11. The new version introduces the Logic Flow Adapters among other major automation capabilities. ConnectALL has rolled out this new release, calling it “without exaggeration, a complete overhaul of the Value Stream Management Platform,” with significant effort going into creating a modernized UI and a strong value stream automation product.

“We want you to imagine a world where we turn chaos into predictability; a world with ConnectALL, where you can have complete control of flow; where integration and automation is not a bottleneck; where integration deployments are hours and not weeks,” said ConnectALL President & COO Lance Knight. “With ConnectALL 2.11, you can now connect to any solution in the value stream and have visibility into all the applications in your ecosystem.”

The complete ConnectALL VSM platform enables companies to bring predictability to software delivery and achieve greater business value in their software value streams through its unique components. Logic Flow Adapters, using Boolean logic, enable users to implement business workflow logic into their value streams that depend on multiple inputs from different applications. Controlling the flow of information, users can manage the movement of records and maintain compliance. Additionally, users own and manage all custom scripts from a single hub allowing to them to write, manage, and execute the script without touching anything in the backend.

This latest release also brings advanced capability to ConnectALL’s patent-pending Universal Adapter, empowering teams with functionality and project visibility never before available in the value stream management space. The Universal Adapter allows users to build new connections easily by automatically reading configuration data. Utilizing a universal adapter with an API spec, users can provide the location of an open API or Swagger specification, and ConnectALL will scrape the relevant data from there.

Advanced viewing capabilities that monitor the flow of work, filter or focus on particular items and enable alerts for specific updates and actions are also part of the updated ConnectALL 2.11. The enhanced Value Stream Visualizer allows users to create, modify, and take action on automations in the context of a targeted value stream diagram. The list view enables users to manage automations from one place with the opportunity to filter, sort and take action. Filter options allow users to gather granular information to effectively focus on and manage specific teams.

“With this latest release, ConnectALL continues to empower the real drivers of VSM – humans – to automate their entire value stream, as well as gain unprecedented visibility into activities at every level and stage of the process,” said Knight. “ConnectALL’s ability to understand the market and customer needs have been recognized by analysts as well as existing and potential customers as a competitive advantage.”

ConnectALL 2.11 continues to provide a complimentary value stream designer that enables users to leverage the Value Stream Assessment, which is a 2-hour program to create current state value stream map using the Designer.

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