ConnectALL Announces Support for DevSecOps Teams, Enhancing Cybersecurity Efforts by Extending Its Common Data Model and ConnectALL Insights Offering

ConnectALL's platform now enables DevSecOps teams to connect all applications in their toolchain, harvest / organize the collective data points, and display mission-critical metrics within a single dashboard view to support agile decision making

ATLANTA, Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectALL LLC, a leading provider of value stream management (VSM) solutions, today announced that it has adapted its common data model and ConnectALL Insights Analytics offering to enhance DevSecOps initiatives. Organizations implementing DevSecOps can now utilize ConnectALL's Value Stream Management Platform to automatically access data from across their DevSecOps toolchains, organize it in a consumable format, and easily evaluate the resulting metrics.

This improved capability provides a significant boost for DevSecOps teams, who play a critical role in protecting organizations & their customers by preventing exploitable software vulnerabilities while defending internal systems against data breaches and cybersecurity attacks.

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“U.S. businesses and entities suffered 65,000 ransomware attacks in 2020. That comes out to over seven an hour,” said Lance Knight, President and COO at ConnectALL. “With virtually all security experts predicting that the situation will continue to get worse, management teams are increasingly wondering, ‘How can we protect ourselves and our customers from these attacks?’”

Enter DevSecOps. The DevSecOps methodology directly addresses security issues by increasing overall product security while simultaneously providing a number of other benefits to organizations, such as reduced development costs and shortened product delivery times. However, maximizing on these promises is contingent upon automated, actionable reporting. This reporting must provide the critical metrics enabling in-the-moment decision making without slowing down product development.

That’s where ConnectALL’s new offering comes in.

“While other companies are focused on providing tools that work to thwart the threats,” Knight continued, “ConnectALL recognizes that security tools alone can't stop these attacks. The humans behind DevSecOps need to be equipped with real-time, critical information in order to make the right decisions. That is why we are working in the trenches alongside the DevSecOps pros to ensure that they are well-equipped to defend their organizations.”

ConnectALL's Insights Analytics solution has four key components: it enables firms to connect their DevSecOps tools, harvest relevant data directly from the tools, organize that data using ConnectALL's common data model, and display the most meaningful metrics within a single interface. This gives leaders and their teams the instant information they need to make critical decisions and address security risks immediately. This approach provides greater code security instantly, while continuously improving the process through the implementation of positive feedback loops.

“It is important to recognize that by reducing the organizational attack surface, DevSecOps teams prevent hackers from gaining access to corporate and personal data,” Knight said. “To effectively protect their customers while simultaneously achieving the goals of the business, DevSecOps professionals must be able to make the right decisions, quickly. This insight requires them to have easy, reliable access to the right information in a consumable format. ConnectALL’s Insights Analytics offering now gives them that information.”

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