Six Critical Features of a Value Stream Management Solution

This infographic is a quick guide that helps you choose the right tool-agnostic VSM solution on the path to realizing your digital transformation goals. Ensure your platform enables you to see, measure, and automate your software delivery value streams

A robust value stream management platform allows you to:

  • Optimize your organizational value streams
  • Improve product quality
  • Accelerate delivery
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue

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What is Value Stream Management in Software Delivery?

Value stream management enables organizations to deliver higher quality software faster to their customers while reducing risk.
  • Visualize your end-to-end software delivery life cycle through value stream mapping
  • Aligns digital initiatives to the business outcomes you want to achieve
  • Improves the speed of software delivery
  • Offers end-to-end visibility into your SDLC
  • Captures data and tracks it against KPIs that determine speed and quality
  • Helps identify waste in tools, people and processes
  • Leverages Agile and DevOps methodologies to create an effective software delivery ecosystem
  • Delivers traceability and predictability

By analyzing your software delivery value stream, you can identify improvement areas within your processes and create an action plan to improve delivery speed and eliminate waste.

Learn the six critical features you should look for in a potential value stream management platform today