Orasi Software Forms New Joint Venture with Go2Group to Expand Its DevOps Market with ConnectALL Integration Platform



August 28, 2018

Dear Valued Clients,

I begin this letter with a sense of pride about Go2Group and its flagship integration product, ConnectALL. As I look back over the last decade, it is remarkable how well the company has performed not only on its financial growth, but also how much we have accomplished to help customers and partners across the world in their endeavor to achieve business agility through ConnectALL Integration Platform.

As we continue to make excellent progress around services and technology, I’m thrilled to share a significant and exciting chapter in our corporate history: today, Go2Group entered into a joint venture with Orasi Software to take ConnectALL’s vision and global client expansion efforts to the next level. You can learn more about the announcement in the official press release.

Now we begin the exciting journey of integrating our teams, so we can be even better at helping modern software development and IT teams innovate faster. We have talented, driven people and powerful technologies that customers love, and together we will achieve great things.

You are part of this new step and we will keep you in sync about all developments that will affect you directly. Together, Orasi and Go2Group will offer you a vast range of experience and knowledge in addressing complex integration challenges arising from digital transformation initiatives.

To give you some more insights on what the joint venture means to us and — more importantly — you, our clients, I have listed out some key highlights:

  • Orasi, a software innovator itself, brings its expertise and greater resources to support our future growth and will also be positioned to recommend improvements to ConnectALL that will benefit the product and its customers.
  • Orasi can now offer you a direct sales pipeline to the world’s most powerful development integration platforms, helping you to further increase efficiency while reducing the risk of failure on your DevOps projects.
  • By leveraging Orasi’s power and resources within the DevOps world, ConnectALL will be even better positioned to unlock its value for its customers.
  • Going forward, our collaboration on next-generation platforms will allow us to better serve you.

And more significantly — personally, and for my colleagues at Go2Group — this is a great cultural fit. Orasi’s CEO Nick Kavadellas and his team share our passion for customer excellence and delivering true value in helping companies increase efficiency while reducing the risk on their DevOps projects. The desire to make their customers happy drives every business decision. I firmly believe our team and our clients will continue to prosper in very good hands.

We truly appreciate your business and your loyalty, and we welcome you all on our new journey into a promising and robust future. The best is yet to come!

Yours Sincerely,

Brett Taylor
President and CEO

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