ConnectALL simplifies Micro Focus ALM integration to scale DevOps

How good are your defect reporting and resolution process? Can your QA team trace coverage and dependencies from requirements to test cases for higher quality? With limited access to information and different teams using different tools, collaboration is critical and can affect your teams' productivity and increase cost. How do  you handle this?

A simple approach to maximize productivity is by automating and integrating everything between QA, development and support teams. The ConnectALL Integration Platform does this simply and easily.

ConnectALL offers bi-directional integration between Micro Focus ALM and development / support tools. It allows for data to move seamlessly between systems and let support engineers, developers, and tester get to work together with the benefit of having better visibility.

3 simple steps is all it takes for your QA team to have complete quality assurance as well as traceability throughout the process.

You can:

  • Ensure QA team has the information they need from the other applications that the rest of the project teams use
  • Continue to work in the preferred QA solution; you require neither new licenses nor ramp-up training in a new tool.
  • Fields, statuses, comments, and attachments are shared effortlessly between QA and other teams
  • Manage tests and defects in the context of requirements for better prioritization and faster decision-making
  • Remove the need for manually updating spreadsheets and support automatic reporting in Micro Focus

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