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The ConnectALL Integration Platform comes with ConnectALL Core comprising the engine and graphical user interface (GUI), and Application Adapters that are built to establish the link between specific applications and ConnectALL Core.



Pick a Core Engine that suits your requirement - Standard or Enterprise.




Select the Adapters that you need to integrate for your business requirement.



Pay for the core engine and the adapters. Sit back and enjoy the integration process and our support.


ConnectALL Enterprise Plan

Popular plan for large enterprises.

Comes with a high-powered core engine with unlimited adapters that are licensed annually

The pricing is tailored to your enterprise requirements — which includes the core engine and the adapters you choose

You can scale up to an advanced plan for your enterprise that enables high performance with high availability and active clustering capabilities.

ConnectALL Standard Plan

Suitable for small or medium businesses looking for an integration platform that is powered to support business processes

Comes with a dynamic core engine and a maximum of three adapters (three applications on separate URL instances)

The engine and adapters are licensed annually

When you are ready to scale up integration, move to the Enterprise Plan by getting a new licence. You'll get access to a more powerful core engine and unlimited adapters.

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Try out our session-based deployment services

Take advantage of our session-based deployment services that are done right the first time with no hitches or glitches — and pay for only what you use. Let our highly experienced consultants help you meet your integration goals and streamline your agile environment by expediting your planned ConnectALL deployment. ConnectALL support sessions include distinct tasks with well-defined deliverables that can be performed by a support engineer in less than a day. Here are a few sample tasks:

  • Install ConnectALL and establish links to your DevOps tools
  • Train database administrators on ConnectALL functionality
  • Develop a custom mapping algorithm

Choose typical deployment (five sessions) or multi-tool complex deployment (ten sessions) based on your requirement and we'll make sure you not only save time but also resources.

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