Integrate Salesforce using ConnectALL to better organize customer profiles

Leverage quality data to easily track and segment

Why integrate Salesforce
with DevOps tools?

Enterprises can benefit by integrating Salesforce to leverage the quality and quantity of data retrieved from this tool.

By integrating Salesforce with DevOps tools, you can:
  • Develop a robust customer account plan
  • Prepare more insightful reporting
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication
  • Automate workflow without coding

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Application integration using


Integrate Salesforce with Jira Software

Establish customized mapping between Salesforce cases and Jira issues

Synchronize aggregated comments and attachments in both cases

Gain visibility into existing issues to fast-track the case resolution process

Enable bi-directional synchronization

Configure and automate assignment rules

Integrate Salesforce with Zendesk

Bi-directional and real-time flow of data

Track trends across all points of interactions

View reports and analyze data of tickets

Sync your Sales and Support teams for faster issue resolution

Connect Salesforce
with any tool
of your choice with
ConnectALL Universal Adapter

Optimize your value stream

Delivering software is the combined effort of multiple teams using an even greater number of tools and applications. How do you synchronize all efforts, as well as reduce issues that might arise due to lack of coordination?

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management solutions allow collaboration between Quality, CRM, ITSM, and other DevOps teams. Teams can continue to work in their application of choice and collaborate seamlessly through ConnectALL.

Why ConnectALL


One application to connect
all your tools


real-time synchronization

Highly customizable field mapping
Sophisticated conflict management

Integrate your tools, processes, and people to increase the efficiency of your value stream and enable faster delivery cycles.