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Use ConnectALL to Integrate Azure DevOps & Any Application in Your Toolchain

No more wasting time on manual work. Self-deploy in minutes and set up your integration in an hour.

Below are some examples of popular tool combinations that can be connected using the Universal Adapter:

Azure DevOps to Jira

Coordinate seamlessly on delivery timelines

Receive instant updates on creation of work/issue items

Categorize actions for quick and simple reference

Visualize interactions and results across your SDLC pipeline

Azure DevOps to Salesforce

Establish bidirectional links between Salesforce cases and Azure DevOps

Automatically create issues based on case field values

Map system and custom fields between Azure Devops and Salesforce

Get automatic status updates in Salesforce after an issue is completed in Azure DevOps

Integrate Azure DevOps with Confluence

Learn about the status of Azure DevOps tasks without leaving Confluence

Gain by establishing bidirectional links and update tasks quicker

Enhance your Confluence documentation with tasks in Azure DevOps

Carry out tasks faster with less context switching

Integrate Azure DevOps to Jenkins

End to end traceability for your CI/CD workflow

Trigger a Continuous Deployment (CD) when the build is completed successfully

Enable manual approvals and deployment gates on your pipeline

Track your commits and work-items

ConnectALL was rated 5/5 on tool integration by a leading analyst firm.

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