Still battling integration woes? Forget Tasktop!

Solve your integration problems with a unified solution

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Management Platform integrates all the tools in your SDLC so you can see, measure and automate your software delivery value streams. With ConnectALL's solutions and services, you can align digital initiatives to business outcomes and improve the speed at which you deliver software.


ConnectALL vs. Tasktop

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Why choose ConnectALL
over any other integration platform?


Rated 5/5 on tool integration and interoperability by a leading analyst firm


Supports integration with ANY tool

ConnectALL’s patent-pending Universal Adapter enables bi-directional integration with ANY tool (legacy, modern, or homegrown), within or outside of your SDLC.

Easy 3-step integration

ConnectALL enables you to integrate any tool in your SDLC with another in 3 easy steps.

Simple and intuitive user interface

ConnectALL’s user-friendly interface enables even non-technical users to set up basic integrations on their own.