What DevOps Strategies Drive Digital Transformation?

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In today’s highly dynamic and competitive business environment, winners and losers are differentiated by their ability to be more agile and efficient, and the way they interact with customers and users from the value they deliver. You either evolve or die — and building a winning DevOps strategy is critical to stay ahead in the digital transformation game. Watch Lance …

ConnectALL and HPE ALM Octane, together, improves DevOps efficiency.

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Everyone knows DevOps is a culture that focuses on cross-functional collaboration in software development. In reality, most companies, no matter the industry, are not benefitting from DevOps practice. That’s because siloed systems and broken lines of communication still exist in the process, and teams are constantly struggling to collaborate on efforts while practicing agile methodologies for planning and development.

Boost your service management with the latest release of ConnectALL ALM Router with support for HPE Service Manager

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Every organization operating in the ITSM industry is different. Whether it’s the product they develop or the processes they adopt, every organization wants to be customer-centric. In order to accomplish this, organizations require a special service desk solution. One of the popular tools adopted by enterprises today is HPE Service Manager. Formerly known as the PNMS (Peregrine Network Management System), HPE …

HP ALM/Quality Center SaaS ConnectALL Adapter released

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Expanding on our success with HP ALM software, we at Go2Group are announcing the release of the  HP ALM/Quality Center SaaS ConnectALL Adapter at HP Discover 2015. Designed for use with the ConnectALL ALM Router, the adapter allows for integration between HP’s installed base of ALM/Quality Center customers and other departmental ALM systems. This unified yet vendor-neutral approach for connecting ALM systems is …

ConnectALL ALM Router now offers support for latest HP ALM/Quality Center software, enhanced user management, and additional role

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The following updates are included with the release of ConnectALL v1.15: Further integration support: ConnectALL now supports the latest HP ALM/Quality Center software (including versions 12.20, 12.01, and 12.00) while ensuring compatibility with earlier versions of the software. Enhanced user management: Previously, only the ConnectALL Administrator could add and manage LDAP users within the users’ assigned groups. Now, the Administrator role has …