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If you are a developer, by now you would have probably worked on some sort of revision control system. What is the benefit of using revision control system? The most obvious benefit is the ability of the system to have an unlimited number of developer/users working on the same code base, without having to constantly move files back and forth. Also, by tracking every version of the files that can help comparing the differences of a particular version. Perforce does an excellent job in combatting the problem of sharing files with advanced version management functionalities.

The challenge in the development stage is the lack of traceability, which in-turn can slow down the pace of the developers. In the process of building softwares, developers work on multiple tasks, which are related to source codes. The tasks are managed in Jira – powerful project management tool, and the codes are in Perforce. Every time the developers work on the development tasks, they need to check on the affected code in Perforce. In real life, switching between systems back and forth becomes a pain, leading to a disjointed workflow, slowing down the productivity, and eventually bringing inefficiency in the process.

Now imagine, every code has to be reviewed, and needs direct feedback. Every time the files are checked out and subsequent changes are made, the developer needs to switch from the system he is constantly working on to get that information. With such a setup, developers not only have to manage complex development tasks, but they also have to work in a complex development environment with lack of traceability.

This story is also true for testers, business owners, and managers. Easily understanding the source code changes is necessary to implement a feature, or solve a bug without having to switch systems is an efficient approach.

Go2Group experts – leaders in ALM consulting, have a long history with a Jira/Perforce Integration. Our existing plugin is replaced with a more efficient and reliable solution in the latest release of ConnectALL. ConnectALL is an enterprise-grade solution to simplify multiple ALM complexity by unifying multiple teams, data and processes. The product is based on a most stable, and widely used Mule ESB Enterprise platform. The build and design of ConnectALL supports robust integration between applications, and eliminates the mechanical process of switching between systems for accessing essential data.

With ConnectALL in place, you can ensure bidirectional data integration between Jira and Perforce, automatically! Every time a defect is created in Jira, simultaneously a P4 job is auto-created with the reference to the Jira key.


Now, developers can access all the tasks, associated P4 jobs, code reviews, and changelists, all from one system. Accelerating the task execution and increasing productivity.



Read more about ConnectALL here.

If you would like to purchase ConnectALL, head over to the online shop.

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